Consumer Loans

Whenever you need to seek financing, come to KFCU first. A variety of loan options are available to meet your needs…all with fast approval, low interest rates, and flexible terms. Plus, with payroll deduction or direct deposit, you can have your loan payments made automatically. The credit union also offers debt protection on all consumer loan products (except student loans).

Vehicle and Recreational Vehicle Loans   
New vehicles/recreational vehicles can be financed for up to 100% of the sales price and used vehicles/recreational vehicles can be financed for up to 100% of the NADA value. Various rates and terms are available.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle, we offer preapprovals. Call or visit one of our Financial Service Representatives to discuss your options. Once you determine the payment you can afford, and terms that are favorable for you, you can confidently start shopping.
We also offer indirect loans originated at the car dealership. You can purchase your vehicle and finance your loan from the credit union all at the same time. Click here for a list of participating dealers.
New Vehicles
Used Auto Loans
Signature or Personal Loans  
Every once in a while, you might need funds to purchase a new appliance, take a well-deserved vacation, make necessary home repairs, fund a wedding, etc. This is when a signature loan comes in handy. KFCU has a variety of rates and terms to suit your needs.
Credit Cards
Katahdin Federal Credit Union gives you choices…..choices in the Visa® card that is right for you. Whether you are a student just starting out or an established business person, the right Visa card is a KFCU Visa®. Accepted worldwide, Visa® cards are safer and more convenient to carry than cash. Combine this benefit with low annual percentage rates, no annual fee -- and you can’t go wrong. Click here to learn more.
 Streamline is a personal loan that can be used as overdraft protection or as a convenient line of credit. You can simply access your funds by writing a check from your checking account. As you pay down your balance, you can access the line over and over again. When using this convenient loan as an overdraft protection account, it can certainly save you embarrassment from bounced checks and save on NSF fees.
Specialty Loans  
We have loans for just about every purpose imaginable and from time to time, we have special financing available. The following are ongoing special loans:
Computer Loans: Setting up a home office or just want to upgrade your current computer system. KFCU has computer loans available for just that purpose.
Fuel LoansWith the cost of fuel oil and alternative forms of energy increasing, KFCU wanted to give members peace of mind with a fuel loan at a low rate. The loan can be used for heating using:
•Pellets (wood and coal)
In order to receive the special fuel rate and terms, an invoice is needed and the check will be made out to the merchant/supplier.
Mobile Home Loans            
KFCU has affordable options for mobile homes, with or without land. We will lend up to 75% for new mobile homes, and  65% for used mobile homes located on leased land or park. Please contact a Financial Service Representative for more details.
       Mobile Home and Land
  •              2010-new –Maximum term 180 months
  •              2005-2009- Maximum term 120 months
Mobile Homes without land
  •              2015-new-Maximum term 180 months
  •              2010-2014-Maximum term 120 months
Land Loans              
KFCU will finance up to the lessor of 70% of the purchase price or appraised price of land for a maximum term of 12 years for land purchases

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