Personal Savings

Katahdin Federal offers a variety of savings plans to suit your needs.

Regular Savings

Main Savings Account -- With a minimum deposit of $25.00, this primary membership account opens a world of membership opportunities to you. With a share account, you can achieve future goals by saving through payroll deduction and direct deposit. Eligible members can apply and fund their accounts online.

Money Trek   

The Money Trek Savings program is designed for children from birth to 13 years old!  The savings program is designed to teach the importance of savings using a savings adventure map.  As children save, they will be able to enjoy lots of prizes, surprises and special events.

 Money Trek Savings members can:

•             Watch savings grow by tracking success on a special map

•             Receive prizes for depositing regularly into his/her own account

•             Participate in all Money Trek activities

•             Receive quarterly prizes for reaching your savings goals

Money Trek Map

As a member of the credit union, young people are encouraged to visit and deposit often.  Each time a young person visits the credit union, they can choose a prize each time and track savings on a special savings map.

Club Savings

Club Accounts -- Holiday Savings Clubs, Vacation Clubs, Tax Clubs, Special Clubs –you name it! These separate accounts make it easy to set funds aside for specific purposes. Saving is made simple through payroll deduction or direct deposit. The amount is automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into the account of your choice. For your convenience, Holiday club proceeds are automatically transferred in October to the checking or savings account of your choice.