Katahdin Connection’s Bill Pay

Another convenient feature of Katahdin Connection‘s online banking is the bill payment system. It allows you to pay bills online conveniently and safely through the home banking portal. It only takes minutes to pay your monthly bills each month. In addition, it also features a recurring payment option that allows you to set a schedule to pay your bills automatically. The bill pay system also has many features such as:

  • Person-to-person electronic payments.
    • P2P is an easy way to transfer money to a person or a business without exchanging credit card or financial information. You can use your bill pay account to pay a person, as opposed to a company, by selecting "Individual" when adding a Payee. After initiating a payment to the payee in the bill payment system, the payee will receive an email and be prompted to enter their financial institution account information on a secure website so an electronic transfer can be made between the two accounts. It’s that simple!
  • Bills can be paid from multiple accounts, simplifying the budgeting process
  • Text alerts and payment reminders can be set up so you will never be late paying a bill.
  • You can make multiple payments from a single screen
  • Payment calendar to make tracking payments easier than ever
  • Payment history is viewable at a glance, no more sorting through paper receipts!
  • You can even send gift checks and donations from the bill Pay site

These new online services can help you manage your finances more effectively than ever before. To see a demo, click here