Direct Deposit

At Katahdin Federal Credit Union, we give you a variety of convenient ways to access your accounts without ever stepping foot in the credit union.

Through payroll deduction or direct deposit, you can have your net pay or just a portion of your wages deposited into a share or share draft account. You can save time and money by making loan payments; depositing to Holiday Clubs; and contributing to IRAs with weekly automatic deductions (with the exception of some mortgage obligations). Saving has never been easier and more convenient.

To get started please provide your employer, social security administrator, or pension provider the credit union routing number—211288077

They will also need your account number. When providing your account number, please omit the share ID of 00, 08, 09,   Just specify where the funds are to be deposited--savings or checking.

You can then direct the credit union to transfer funds to loans, sub shares or other checking accounts every time the deposit occurs. You can do this by stopping in and talking to a Financial Service Representative or you can do this yourself online by choosing the Transfer tab.

It’s that simple!