Vision Statement

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will respond to the lifestyle needs and expectations of our members by providing convenient financial services at our existing location, as well as work with members to develop alternative ways to deliver financial services to them.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will develop our services in such a way that we become valued by our members as a resource and learning center, specializing in financial planning and resource development.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will be adept at offering financial services through the intentional expansion of electronic services, the utilization of latest technology, and the application of the most modern methods in financial management.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will reach out to nearby communities, offering our full range of services and products to an expanded corps of members. We will achieve this through branching out, merging, and creating joint ventures or partnerships with others.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will be seen by our members, the public, and throughout the industry as a stable and significant employer, with a service-orientated and well-trained work force. We will accept our role and responsibility as a corporate citizen, sponsoring and supporting community growth and development.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union will be distinguished within the industry as a secure and growing operation which owes its success to constant attention to members' needs and expectations, commitment to specific operating values, clear direction, inspired leadership, educated and dedicated staff, and a corps of loyal members who are proud to be owners of Katahdin Federal Credit Union.

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