For people under 20

Click on Googolplex and turn over the computer to the "under 20" members of your household:

5-Spot: Introduce your elementary school age children to important financial concepts by igniting their natural love of play with highly interactive games, stories, and more. Kids earn virtual money and spend it decorating their private online clubhouse.

A-J's: Offer your middle school students a fun meeting place, encouraging creative interaction while educating them about money and responsibility. In addition to informative stories and entertaining videos and games, young teenagers build a superhero identity, post notes to their friends (monitored), and vote on plot developments for Kid Kred, a comic series that teaches money management in the guise of fun.

C-Note: Stimulate your high school students and provide sound money-management information with the interactive stories, games, and videos in C-Note. Students have a chance to win and save money by entering photo contests, and reach out to others using a moderated comment feature and blog posts.

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