Fool Proof and CUHQ

We are proud to partner with FoolProof, a turnkey, web driven financial literacy program that is free to schools and teachers to help teach young people about money and financial responsibility. The online modules assist teachers by bringing financial literacy into high schools and colleges via the internet. FoolProof also provides straightforward and thorough consumer information websites on many consumer topics that impact members.

The FoolProof Financial Literacy Curriculum is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "modules." The modules teach young people about money and financial responsibility.

Information for teachers

There are 18 different modules that take the average student about twenty-two 45-minute classroom sessions to complete. You can use one, or all.

Designed to lessen your workload:

  • Students register themselves, after you provide a class code.
  • You can monitor an individual student or the entire class at once from your computer.
  • The software grades all tests.
  • Teacher guides and daily work plans are provided for you
  • The curriculum meets most state and national financial literacy guidelines and standards.
  • You can assign FoolProof as homework!


Information for Teens: CUHQ is a website designed specifically for young people by young people about pertinent financial issues. It can be accessed through the FoolProof icon on this page or by clicking directly on the CUHQ link.